Wat do your CNC operators know about machining?

The knowledge and experience in the area of machining is at this moment terribly low. Before, in the US and Europe, there were a lot of manufacturing companies. And so, there existed a lot of knowledge about all the various machining processes. However, in recent years, often the production was outsourced to foreign countries.

Right now, there is a great demand for people who are able to operate machines like lathes and milling centers. However, there are no older experienced colleague's around anymore who could advise the young miller or turner.

During a number of training session at your premises, we improve the knowledge of your CNC operators, and programmers, by teaching them all the aspects of advanced cutting technology. With this knowledge, they will be able to avoid downtime, running an entire batch without stopping the machine for things as: changing cutting tips, etc. Even measuring can be reduced to a fraction of what was needed before.

This all means for you: drastic shortening of the prodction time. Resulting in more products in less time, while precision and quality are even better than before.